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Welcome to Belhaven House Hotel

Address: 29 Hamilton Terrace, Milford Haven, SA73 3JJ

Telephone: 01646 695983 01646 695983

Hotel Description

Belhaven Hotel offers 9 warm, comfortable, quiet, ensuite bedrooms with lashings of hot water, TV and free WiFi. Our breakfasts are famous and served from 6.45am( sometimes earlier) to 9am weekdays and up to 10.30am on a weekend.Evening snacks may be served by arrangement. And this is the first hotel in Milford town to be given a National Food Hygiene Award of 5. There is a free, secure carpark at the rear of the hotel( SA73 2HH) for your vehicle and your bedroom key also operates both front doors, the rear door and the carpark gates, so you can come and go as you need. There are four double rooms on the south-facing front giving views of the magnificent Waterway, two on the second floor, one on the first and one on the ground floor. At the rear there is a double and a single on the second floor which look over the garden and carpark. But the family room on the first floor and the two groundfloor singles, have windows for ventilation but no view. The groundfloor bar and residents TV lounge above, also at the front,give good views of the yachts, trawlers, ferries, oil-tankers and the colossal gas-tankers that use this Waterway but everything seems to happen so slowly, but then, they do have to share the estuary with the salmon, cormorants, swans and seals and no-one wants another oil-spill, like the "Sea Empress" in 1996. There was far more action to be seen here in the War years, when the tonnage of convoys using Milford was second only to those using Liverpool, and Pembroke Dock was the base for the Sunderland and Catalina flying boats. There were many airfields in Pembrokeshire, like the joint RAF/USAF base at Brawdy.. Post War the military connection continued, and for 35 years the Panzers practised here on the MOD's Castlemartin Tank range while the British Tanks practised on the Rhine, some sort of exchange deal. Well. Fair's fair! Now is the turn of the Welsh Tanks. Special Forces also practise here, but you never see them.

Our Facilities

  • Pet Friendly
  • Free Parking
  • Bar
  • Golf Course Nearby
  • Family Rooms
  • City Centre Location
  • Internet Services
  • Wifi Available
  • Vegetarian Food Available
  • Walking Holidays

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Attractions - Belhaven House Hotel

Pembroke Castle - Pembrokeshire - Castle

Pembroke Castle - Pembrokeshire - Castle

Distance 5.57 miles (8.9 km)
Pembroke Castle is one of the largest castles in Wales. It was not a royal castle but the possession of a private lord - his residence and the administrative centre of his territories. The Castle occupies a strong position high on a ridge between two tidal inlets. Its fortifications were extended throughout its history and it displays stonework from many periods. The dominant feature of Pembroke Castle is the massive round Keep, built soon after 1200. Its walls are 19 feet thick at the base and the Keep rises to 75 feet in height. Inside the Castle there are tableaux depicting mediaeval life within its walls including copies of costumes, furniture, tableware, wall hangings and other artefacts found locally. Displays interpreting the history of the site from other periods are also to be found amongst its many complete towers.

Pembrokeshire College - University

Pembrokeshire College - University

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Pembrokeshire College has been offering Glamorgan validated courses since 1992. The College is located at Pembrokeshire, UK and comprises of nearly 21,496 students. It is the countys largest provider of a wide range of post 16 education, training, and other services. The various departments available at the College include teaching; art; design; media and performance; business management; computing information technology; construction; electrical and electronics engineering; sports science; health and counselling; agriculture; animal care; conservation; equine; marine biology; marine engineering; hairdressing; beauty; and travel and tourism, etc.